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About Construction Data & Analytics!

At Construction Data & Analytics! we truly believe in our moto that Data Drives Decisions. We are in the business of managing high level project expectations through the prism of data. This is our primary focus as analytics can drive smarter engineering and construction decisions. It is our belief that we are well positioned to combine data analytics with the business of construction to achieve highly productive project outcomes for our current and future clients.

As Project Controls Consultants, our practice is built on the process of integrating into your Project Team by providing solutions that directly affect the key deliverables for your project. We appreciate the opportunity to join forces with owners, architects, engineers and general contractors alike. Our purview is to monitor and control the triple constraints of your project undertaking, which are SCOPE, COST and TIME. Our primary goal is to constantly generate, maintain and communicate information that will bring awareness to all stakeholders, both internal and external, to ensure that key decisions can be made throughout the project lifecycle.

What is Project Controls?

Project Controls are processes for gathering and analyzing project data that are directly related to scope, cost and time. The functions of project controls include initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling, communicating, and closing out project costs and schedule. Ultimately, project controls are iterative processes for measuring project status, forecasting likely outcomes based on those measurements, and then improving project performance if those projected outcomes are unacceptable.

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Construction Data & Analytics! has developed and continues to develop innovative methods to successfully monitor and control major projects and programs. We combine these methods with current project controls best practices and package this data for you, our client so that this real-time information is constantly at your fingertips. The software that we use is proven and our technical approach is key.

The pride of our company is the ability that we to totally immerse ourselves into your project from the time that our firm is engaged.