Data Analytics

As our slogan states, we truly understand that Data Drives Decisions. We have adopted analytics tools and techniques to capture project level relevant data to ensure that key decisions are made by decision makers.


Proper planning and scheduling are needed to ensure that all project undertakings are completed on time and within budget. We assist in the scheduling process from conception to completion, ensuring that all key project activities, goals and objectives are met.

Cost Control

Cost control is the process of monitoring, tracking and controlling the planned and actual cost of construction projects. CDA will ensure that we properly monitor cost performance, ensure that changes are submitted correctly and most importantly, we communicate any changes that impact project stakeholders.

Construction Seminars

Our construction seminars will benefit all persons who want to have a better understanding of today’s complex construction project management process. It will provide an overview of construction project management, identify common contract-related issues and considerations, and offer practical tips for dispute avoidance and resolution. Attendees will also learn the fundamentals necessary to implement a successful construction program – one that helps each party reap the benefits and opportunities while minimizing their risks.
Smiling audience applauding at a business seminar
Analyzing data. Close-up of young businessman pointing on the data presented in the chart with pen

Project/Program Advisory Services